Rules AA IPSC Bagian 3 – Course Information

Rules AA IPSC Bagian 3 – Course Information

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CHAPTER 3: Course Information

3.1 General Regulations

The competitor is always responsible to safely fulfill the requirements of a course of fire but can only reasonably be expected to do so after verbally or physically receiving the written stage briefing, which must adequately explain the requirements to the competitors. Course information can be broadly divided into the following types:
Peserta selalu bertanggung jawab untuk memenuhi persyaratan COF yang diberikan, tetapi baru dapat melaksanakan hal tersebut bila telah menerima stage briefing secara lisan maupun tulisan, yang harus memuat dengan jelas persyaratan untuk peserta. Informasi course secara garis besar dapat dibagi sebagai berikut :

3.1.1 Published Courses of Fire – Registered competitors and/or their Regional Directorates must be provided with the same course of fire information, within the same notice period, in advance of the match. The information
may be provided by physical or electronic means, or by reference to a website (also see Section 2.3).

COF yang diterbitkan – Peserta yang terdaftar dan/atau Direktorat Regional harus mendapatkan informasi COF dari sumber yang sama, dalam periode pemberitahuan yang sama sebelum pertandingan. Informasi tersebut bisa disajikan dalam bentuk fisik maupun secara elektronik, atau dengan mereferensi kepada sebuah website (lihat juga bagian 2.3).

3.1.2 Non-Published Course of Fire – Same as Rule 3.1.1 except that the details for the course of fire are not published beforehand. The stage instructions are provided in the written stage briefing.
COF yang tidak diterbitkan – sama dengan peraturan 3.1.1 kecuali bahwa perincian COF tidak diterbitkan sebelumnya. Instruksi stage diberikan pada saat stage briefing.

3.2 Written Stage Briefings:

3.2.1 A written stage briefing approved by the Range Master must be posted at each course of fire prior to commencement of the match. This briefing will take precedence over any course of fire information published or otherwise communicated to competitors in advance of the match, and it must provide the following minimum information:
Stage briefing yang disetujui oleh Range Master harus dipasang pada setiap COF sebelum dimulainya pertandingan. Briefing ini akan mendahuli semua informasi dari COF tercetak atau diberitahukan kepada peserta sebelum pertandingan, dan harus paling tidak memberikan informasi berikut ini:

3.2.2 The Range Officer in charge of a course of fire must read out the written stage briefing verbatim to each squad. The Range Officer may visually demonstrate the acceptable Start Position and Gun Ready Condition.

3.2.3 The Range Master may modify a written stage briefing at any time for reasons of clarity, consistency or safety (see Section 2.3).

3.2.4 After the written stage briefing has been read to competitors, and questions arising therefrom have been answered, competitors should be permitted to conduct an orderly inspection (“walkthrough”) of the course of fire. The duration of time for the inspection must be stipulated by the Range Officer, and it should be the same for all competitors. If the course of fire includes moving targets or similar items, these should be demonstrated to all competitors for the same duration and frequency.

3.3 Local, Regional and National Rules 3.3.1 IPSC matches are governed by the rules applicable to the discipline. Host organizations may not enforce local rules except to comply with legislation or legal precedent in the applicable jurisdiction. Any voluntarily adopted rules that are not in compliance with these rules must not be applied to IPSC matches without the express consent of the Regional Director and the IPSC Executive Council.

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